James Clar | Exhibitions
James Clar is an American visual artist who uses technology as a medium to critique the dissociative affects of technology itself.
James Clar, media art, lighting art, light art, pop art, interactive art, led art, minimal, installation, 3d cube, jamesclar, light and space, new media, American visual artist, medium, dissociative, disruptive technology, technology
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  • 2017Synthesize: Art + Music, Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville
  •  Looking at One Thing and Thinking of Something Else: Part 3, Carroll / Fletcher, London
  •  Color Creation, Col-Lab gallery at Tokyo Polytechnic University, Tokyo
  •  No Vacancy II, Alt + Esc curated show @ Squat Gallery, Brooklyn
  •  Letters…, Athr Gallery, Jeddah
  •  That’s Not It, Mana Contemporary BSMT, New Jersey
  • 2016colección olorVISUAL, Can Framis Museum, Barcelona
  •  Looking at One Thing and Thinking of Something Else: Part 2, Carroll / Fletcher, London
  •  Slipping Tripping Falling Flipping, Meet D3 Dubai, Dubai
  • 2015This Is Not A Love Song, Pera Museum, Istanbul
  •  Second Hand Emotions curated by Carson Chan, Dallas Aurora, Dallas
  •  Peace Minus One, Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
  •  Smoke And Mirrors, Museum of Contemporary Art, Jacksonville USA
  •  She Sells Sea Shells By The Seashore, Eric Firestone Gallery, New York
  •  James Clar / Dennis Loesch, Lange Strasse 31, Frankfurt
  •  Museum of Art & Design, Singapore
  • 2014Rockaway!, MoMA PS1 / Honolulu Biennial, New York
  •  Summer Art 2014, Sharjah Art Museum, Sharjah UAE
  •  Big Bang Data, Center for Contemporary Culture (CCCB), Barcelona
  •  The Language of Human Conciousness, Athr Gallery, Jeddah
  •  Dazed & Confused, Eric Firestone Gallery, New York
  •  They Sicken Of The Calm Who Know The Storm curated by Maureen Sullivan, Fridman Gallery, New York
  •  OnScreen, Carroll / Fletcher, London
  • 2013CurateNYC, Top 150, Rush Arts Gallery, New York
  •  Aurora Dallas, AT&T Performing Arts Center, Dallas
  •  “Coming To Terms”, Jackman Humanities Institute, Toronto
  •  “Amber Ablett, James Clar, Wayne Clough, Patrick Coyle, Leigh Suh, Sarah Tew, William Cobbing”, Alma Enterprises, London
  •  “This Is Not A Love Song”, Museum Palau de la Virreina, Spain
  •  LumenRay, Jerome Zodo Gallery, Milan, Italy
  • 2012Segment 3, Borusan Contemporary Museum, Istanbul
  •  Segment 2, Borusan Contemporary Museum, Istanbul
  •  Forwards / Vorwaerts. Q Contemporary, Beirut
  •  Dark Side of the Moon, Carbon 12, Dubai
  •  The Bravery of Being Out Of Range II, Athr Gallery, Jeddah
  • 2011The State: Social / Anti-Social, Traffic, Dubai
  •  West End?, Museum On The Seam, Jerusalem
  •  Espace Louis Vuitton Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  •  The Bravery of Being Out Of Range I, ATHR Gallery, Jeddah
  •  THE STATE: UPPERS & DOWNERS, Traffic, Dubai
  •  I Don’t Need Your Money Honey All I Need is Love, Traffic, Dubai
  • 2010THE STATE, Traffic, Dubai
  •  “Armed” split exhibition with Abdulnasser Gharem, Abu Dhabi Art, Abu Dhabi
  • 2009The Singular Suit (group show by Esquire Magazine), Somerset House, London
  • 2008Chanel Mobile Art Tokyo, Tokyo
  • 2007Museum of Science and Innovation, Tokyo
  • 2006Pop!Tech conference, Maine
  •  Wired Next Fest, New York
  •  9th Japan Media Arts Festival, Museum of Photography, Tokyo
  • 2005NHK Digital Arts Festival, Tokyo
  •  WIRED NextFest, Chicago
  •  8th Japan Media Arts Festival, Museum of Photography, Tokyo
  • 2004The Chelsea Art Museum, New York
  • 2003New Museum of Contemporary Arts, New York




  • 2015Sustained Fireworks, RCCL, Miami, USA
  • 2014Parasol Unit, London, United Kingdom
  • 2013Synesthesia, Fraport Headquarters, Frankfurt, Germany
  • 2012Unrestricted Monetary Award, Dave Bown Projects, USA
  •  Art Dubai Public Projects, Dubai
  • 2011Media Hype, Free Fall, Lighting Installations at The Pavilion Downtown Dubai, Dubai
  • 2010Soundwave / Order Chaos Order, Lobby Art Installations at Rolex Tower, Dubai
  • 2010Nineteen-Eighty Nine, Public Installation for Art Abu Dhabi and Traffic
  • 20083D Display Cube v4, Core Research for Evolutional Science and Technology(CREST), University of Tsukuba Tokyo
  • 2006Inside / Out, Public Installation, FedEx Institute of Technology / Lantana Projects, Memphis