James Clar | Little Boy In The Desert (2010)
James Clar is an American visual artist who uses technology as a medium to critique the dissociative affects of technology itself.
James Clar, media art, lighting art, light art, pop art, interactive art, led art, minimal, installation, 3d cube, jamesclar, light and space, new media, American visual artist, medium, dissociative, disruptive technology, technology
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Little Boy In The Desert


60 x 30 x 30 cm
Polyurethane, silver deposit coating, sand and wood


This piece is about the pursuit of nuclear energy in the Middle East, specifically Iran. A model of the ‘Little Boy’ (the first nuclear bomb used as a weapon), is warped and deformed. Its physical distortion resembles a mirage, representing the vague manner in which Western media discusses Iran’s nuclear capabilities. In ‘Little Boy In The Desert’, the sculpture of the bomb is seen standing nose down, just touching the sand. It is a representation of the moment before impact.