James Clar | One Minute Dreamstate (2013)
James Clar is an American visual artist who uses technology as a medium to critique the dissociative affects of technology itself.
James Clar, media art, lighting art, light art, pop art, interactive art, led art, minimal, installation, 3d cube, jamesclar, light and space, new media, American visual artist, medium, dissociative, disruptive technology, technology
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One minute dreamstate (1.40 am)


220 cm diameter
Fluorescent Lights, Filters


A brainwave sensor was used to record the artist’s brain activity during one night of sleep. At 1:40am REM occured, his brainwave activity increased, and he entered dreamstate.

One minute of brainwave data from the transition into dream sleep is selected and mapped onto light filters. These lights are then arranged into a large circle which represents the face of a clock, with the red lines representing the time.

A portrait of the artist entering a creative, subconscious state.
“Iris Was A Pupil”, Carbon 12 gallery, Dubai 2012