James Clar | Square Eclipse (2003 – 2006)
James Clar is an American visual artist who uses technology as a medium to critique the dissociative affects of technology itself.
James Clar, media art, lighting art, light art, pop art, interactive art, led art, minimal, installation, 3d cube, jamesclar, light and space, new media, American visual artist, medium, dissociative, disruptive technology, technology
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Square Eclipse


(2003 – 2006)
30 cm x 30 cm x 4 cm
LED lighting, Microcontrollers, Acrylic


The Square Eclipse uses 24 micro-controlled tri-color LEDs that are carefully positioned behind the unit to create clean geometric patterns of light and shadow. This piece brings the focus from the center of the unit to its perimeter, creating kaleidoscopic patterns that take advantage of light’s additive color properties. As colored contours from one LED intersect with the colored contours from other LEDs, they create new patterns and colors that morph and change as the animation is played.